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Visit Cambridgeshire - bounded North by Lincolnshire, East by Norfolk and Suffolk, South by Essex and Herts, West by Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, and Northamptonshire. Area, 524,935 acres; population 185,594. Cambridgeshire comprises 17 hundreds, 172 parishes with parts of 7 others.

Norwich's covered market

Linton message board - Linton has become internationally famous through fictional character Alan Partridge who once justified his extended stay at the Linton Travel Tavern by claiming that Linton is equidistant between London and Norwich. Indeed, Linton is near the halfway point of the London to Norwich A11 trunk road, although some 4 miles from the actual A11 road, which suggests that the travel tavern was in fact not in Linton itself, but nearby on the A11 itself. Even in this location, the travel tavern is probably further than Partridge would have wanted from the M11 motorway, to which he once walked to purchase several bottles of windscreen washer fluid from a petrol station. (from Wikipedia)

Visit Norfolk - A visit to Norfolk offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of busy Britain. Around every corner you will find pretty villages and historic churches, miles and miles of unspoilt beaches, countryside and rivers teeming with wildlife and relaxed towns and a city with wonderful shops and tempting cafes.

Alan "Ah-ha" Partridge



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The Linton Travel Tavern, Cambridgeshire. Alan Partridge's home for 182 days in 1996.